Posted Mar 25, 2016 by Elmers
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    Bright and Colorful Kids Sun Craft

    • Easy
    • Rainy Day, Every Day

    Supplies Needed


    1. Start by using your yellow and orange Squeeze'n'Brush Painters to paint the bottom of your paper bowl. These painters are so awesome because the paint and brush are all contained in one so it makes for less mess and less clean up. You don't even have to rinse off the brush tip when you are finished using them. Simply place the lid back on and you are good to go. 


    2. While the paint is still wet, crumple up pieces of your orange and yellow tissue paper and place it on the bottom of your bowl and some on the sides if you want. I love the extra texture it gives to the craft.
    3. Once our paint was dry we decided to paint on some of the sunny glitter yellow from the Squeeze'n'Brush Glitter Colors Painters. This step is optional but we always love adding a little more sparkle when we can!


    4. Once your paint is completely dry, cut strips from your yellow cardstock or construction paper and use your Elmer's X-Treme Glue Stick to glue them onto the rim of the bowl making sunshine rays.


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