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Slime Making Tips & Tricks!

At Elmer's, we love slime and have gotten ourselves in a few gooey situations. Below are some useful Q&A's
My slime is too sticky, can I make it less sticky/messy?

- Yes! Just add more contact solution and knead until the desired consistency.

How do I know when I can take it out of the bowl and start to knead?

- One tip is to touch the slime with your finger and see if it leaves a residue on your finger. If it doesn’t, you’re ready to take it out and knead! Also, if you feel like the mixing is getting very difficult, take it out and knead.

Can I use any kind of contact solution and baking soda?

- While most contact solutions have similar active ingredients, there are some that have different formulas which may not be as good at making slime as others. In such cases you may need to switch the brand of contact solution for the best results - Any brand of baking soda will create slime

How do I keep my slime fresh and ready to play with next time?

- Storing in a container or re-sealable plastic bag will help prolong keep slime fresh

Is there any way to revive old, hardened slime?

- Try adding water and kneading with your hands. If this doesn’t work, you will have to make a new slime.

Can slime be used on furniture or walls?

- No, slime should never be put on any furniture or walls.

How can I wash off slime residue leftover on various surfaces?

- On solid surfaces such as table tops and plastics toys, use a wet rag to clean any slime residue.

Does slime come off of clothes?

- Yes, one wash in the washing machine will get the slime made with Elmer’s recipes off of clothes.
- If food dye has been used, refer to the food dye manufacturer for removal instructions from clothing.

Which glues can I make slime with?

- Elmer’s school glues are great for making slime except for the Elmer’s Naturals and Elmer's Disappearing Purple Liquid School Glues.

Can I use Glue Sticks to make slime?

- Most glue sticks do not make slime since they are a different type of glue than liquid glues

My child just ate slime. What should I do?

- Elmer’s glue and slime made from Elmer’s glue are not food products and should never be eaten. Please seek medical attention if a child has eaten the slime.