Posted Apr 13, 2015 by Elmers
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    The Benefits of Summer Craft Projects

    Elmer’s has developed a Summer Learning Crafts guide designed to help parents reinforce essential skills.

    Creativity has become a hot topic in education. Education policy makers, business leaders, and school leaders are advocating student creativity in the curriculum. Phrases like the “maker movement” and “inventing to learn” are creating a shift in the way we prepare our children for success in school and beyond. Fortune 500 companies are looking for the brightest and the best – those who have strong academic skills embedded into creative thinking, communication, and innovative problem-solving capabilities.

    Summer Break and Academic Development

    Since 1906, researchers have studied the effect summer vacations have on academic achievement. Countless studies confirm that children experience learning loss when they are not actively engaged in academic activities over the summer. Summer arts and crafts projects can be a great way to nurture creativity and keep kids learning. Out-of-school crafts, art projects, and creative expression have monumental implications on child development. Summer is a wonderful time to explore creative projects with your child while also applying what we now know from brain-based research to enhance cognitive processes and academic growth.

    Continuing Education With Educational Crafts

    As you wrap up this school year, we want to make it easy for teachers to share fun ways to parents to engage in summer learning projects. Elmer’s has developed a Summer Learning Crafts guide designed to help parents reinforce essential skills, understand and prevent summer learning loss, set students up for academic success as well as provide some fun inspiration and step-by-step instructions to complete amazing projects and promote creativity with children ages 4-10. The activities include suggested literature connections and additional ideas for family fun.

    Download the free Summer Learning Crafts guide here.


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