Posted Mar 14, 2012 by Elmers
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    Mini Wreath Ornament

    A cute, inexpensive decoration for your tree, package topper or table favor.
    • Easy
    • 2 hr
    • Christmas

    Supplies Needed


    1. To make base of wreath, use pencil make center mark on green paper. Use X-ACTO® Designer Series Circle Cutter and 12" x 12" Self Healing Cutting Mat to cut 5" circle. Using same center mark, cut 2 3/8" diameter circle inside, to make wreath shape. Set aside.
    2. Using Circle Cutter, cut eleven 1 1/2" diameter and eleven 1" diameter circles from scrapbook papers. Apply rub-ons to three large circles. Set aside.
    3. Randomly arrange five large circles on wreath and attach with CraftBond™ Dot Runner. Randomly arrange remaining circles on wreath, attaching some with Dot Runner and others with CraftBond™ Foam Mounting Tape to give added dimension, including large circles with rub- ons.
    4. Use CraftBond™ Glue Spots, Thin-small to randomly attach buttons to front of wreath.
    5. To make hanger, use X-ACTO® Designer Series 12" Metal Ruler and 5" Precision Tip Scissors to measure and cut 10" length of ribbon. Use Glue Spots to attach cut ends to back of wreath. Hang from tree, as package tie-on or dinner party favor.


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