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    Pennant Banner

    Nothing says “celebrate” like a decorative banner.
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    Supplies Needed


    1. Use the Pivot Trimmer to cut the pennant shapes from white cardstock. Note: You can cut 4 pieces at one time. Set the right edge of the pivot arm of the trimmer about 2 ½” from the white vertical measurement strip on the right side of the base.  With the upper edge of the cardstock aligned with top of the trimmer, move the paper under the pivot arm so the bottom left corner of the paper is aligned with the right edge of the arm. Lock the paper in place then cut. Release the lock then turn the paper over, left to right. Slide under the arm so the tip of the angle is aligned with the cutting edge of the arm at the top. Lock in place then cut the opposite side. I created a narrow pennant for this banner, but with the pivot arm of this trimmer you can make lots of different sizes of triangles. Experiment with inexpensive sheets of paper then keep the ones you like as patterns!
    2. Use the glue stick to adhere each white triangle to a sheet of patterned paper.  Place at the upper left corner of the paper about ¾” in from the corner and top edge. Trim the patterned paper about ¾” from the edge of the white pennant with your choice of decorative edge scissors.
    3. Set the larger piece of patterned paper aside. We will cut the alphabet letter from this piece. Using the decorative edge scissors, cut strips of paper from the other scrap of paper for the borders across the bottom of the pennant. Glue in place.
    4. Using the drawing tool bar in Microsoft Word, or other word processing software, create the outline of one letter at a time (each letter will be on different paper) about 3” tall. I used the Arial font for my sample. (You can also use an alphabet stencil or template.) Reverse the letter, then print onto the back of the larger piece of leftover paper. Cut the letters out. Some letters can easily be cut with precision scissors, but inside cuts (letter “A” for example) can be easily cut with a craft knife and curved areas cut with a swivel knife. Glue each letter onto the pennant as shown.
    5. Cut a 1” wide strip of paper from complimentary patterned paper for each of the pennants. Lay the strip on the mat aligned with the measuring guide. Using the metal ruler and the craft knife, lightly score a straight line across the width of the paper at 1” then ½” intervals along the length of the paper. With the front of the paper facing, fold the strip down (away from you) on the first 1” line then fold up on the ½” line. Repeat along the length of the strip. Use a mini glue spot to keep the fold in place at the top  edge only. Aligning the ends of the folded strip with the outside edges of the pennant, adhere the strip in a slight curve across the top of the pennant above the letter.
      Tip: Use the tape runner to place a slightly curved line of adhesive on the paper, then press the folded strip in place. 
    6. Thread embroidery floss through the holes in the button. Tie the ends in a simple bow at the front then glue the button in place with a medium glue dot.
    7. Punch holes in the upper corners of each pennant then tie together with your choice of cord, yarn, etc.


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