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    Popperz® Border Flowers Frame

    Use Project Popperz® for craft projects as well as bulletin boards and displays!
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    Supplies Needed


    1. Apply Craftbond™ All Purpose Glue Stick to entire surface of oval frame and cover with "Blue Script" paper. Turn over frame and use X-ACTO® Designer Series Retractable #1 Knife (with new blade) and 12" x 12" Self Healing Cutting Mat to cut paper even with Frame edges. Lightly sand edges of paper for a distressed look.
    2. Use Glue Stick to attach Project Popperz® Letters to White cardstock, allowing at least 1/4" between letters. Use X-ACTO® Designer Series 6" Precision Tip Scissors to trim around letters leaving a 1/8" border.
    3. Arrange letters at various angles at top of frame and attach each letter with a different number of layers of Craftbond™ Foam Mounting Tape so that some letters extend out farther than others.
    4. For flowers, place three strips of one style/color Project Popperz® Borders end to end, slightly overlapped. Use Craftbond™ Glue Tape Runner to attach pieces to make one long strip. Accordion fold paper starting at one short end, with approximately 1/2" wide folds or in the "valley" between the scallops. Connect ends to create circle with straight cut edge to inside center. Use Craftbond™ Glue Spots to connect ends. Repeat to make two more flowers.
    5. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, lightly spray tops of flowers with Craftbond™ Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive and sprinkle with Project Popperz® Glitter Shakers. Turn flowers over onto scratch paper to remove excess glitter (returning loose glitter to container). Let dry. Arrange and attach flowers to lower left of frame with Glue Spots. Attach button to center of each flower with Glue Spot.
    6. For frame backing, place frame on Elmer's® Foam Board, trace with pencil and cut out using #1 Knife and cutting mat. Use tape runner to attach Photo centered onto Foam Board backing. Before assembling: For hanger on back, measure and mark 2 1/2” down from top. At mark use #1 knife to make 1/4" long, shallow horizontal slit. Carefully insert knife blade into slit, angled up toward top and remove. Slightly separate curved ends of paper clips 1/4". Insert shorter rounded end up into slit, creating hanger loop with longer end of paper clips. (Hot glue if loose.)
    7. Gently push Foam Board backing into frame (to fit tightly) leaving a space between frame front and Foam Board. (This creates depth between frame and photo for a dimensional look).

    DESIGNED BY: Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.


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