trick or treaters
Posted Jun 09, 2014 by Elmers
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    Trick or Treaters

    A cute way to preserve all the Halloween Fun.
    • Easy
    • 2 hr
    • Halloween

    Supplies Needed


    1. Use X-ACTO® Designer 12" Rotary Paper Trimmer to cut 7" x 12" and 4 1/2" x 7" pieces from fall stripe papers; and three 4 1/4"x 6 1/4" pieces from orange paper.  
    2. Use CraftBond™ Dot Runner, Permanent to connect stripe papers with short ends slightly overlapping. Use Dot Runner to attach photos to orange paper pieces. Attach the two outside photo units to stripe paper, 1/2" from outside edge using Dot Runner. Slide entire paper unit into frame.
    3. Use X-ACTO® Designer Series 6" Precision Tip Scissors and Metal Ruler to measure and cut ribbon into six 3" lengths. With each length of ribbon, bring together ends, and secure with CraftBond™ Glue Spots, Thin-medium, (making three with orange on outside and three with black on outside). Attach three, alternating color, folded ribbons to inside back of paper on each end of tri-frame. (Note: ribbon will be sandwiched between paper and back of acrylic frame.)
    4. Plan placement of Halloween die-cut words, icons and stickers on frame. Use Glue Spots to attach. For added dimension on some, use CraftBond™ Foam Mounting Tape to attach. If die cut icons are not stiff enough to hold their shape, mount them on scraps of cardstock and use X-ACTO® Designer Series Retractable #1 Knife and 12” x 12” Self Healing Cutting Mat to trim around shapes. Then attach with Glue Spots or Foam Mounting Tape.
    5. For bat on top, wrap wire around pencil and remove. Use Glue Spot to attach one end of wire to back of die cut bat and attach other end of wire to top, back of frame, sandwiching end between paper and frame.


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