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    BOO Halloween Card

    A fun, Halloween card to make and receive.
    • Easy
    • 2 hr
    • Halloween

    Supplies Needed


    1. Use X-ACTO ® Rotary Paper Trimmer to cut a 7" x 10" piece from lavender cardstock. Fold into 5" x 7" card. Use Craft Bond™ Extra Strength Glue Stick to glue Halloween Circles cardstock to front of card.
    2. Glue distressed green cardstock to wood squares. Trim with X-ACTO® Gripster® Knife on X-ACTO® Self-Healing Cutting Mat. Use sand paper to sand edges for worn look.
    3. Glue Halloween Stripes paper to letters: "B", "O", "O" and trim with X-ACTO® Knife. Glue letters to wood squares. Attach "B" and last "O" squares at an angle to front of card. Use dimensional squares to add dimension to attach center "O" square to card.
    4. Using X-ACTO® Knife, cut circles from Halloween Circles cardstock and attach to front of card with dimensional squares. Use Sticky Dot Stamper to attach buttons onto large circles.

    AS APPEARED IN: Paper Crafts Magazine On-line
    DESIGNED BY: Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.


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