First Day of School Scrapbook Page
Posted Jun 09, 2014 by Elmers
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    First Day of School Scrapbook Page

    What a wonderful way to remember that first day of kindergarten.
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    Supplies Needed


    1. Use X-ACTO® Designer Series 12" Rotary Paper Trimmer to cut 11" square piece from pink stripe paper; 10 1/2" square piece from floral print paper; and 8" square piece and 1 1/2" x 10 1/2" strip from pink cardstock. Center and attach stripe pink and floral papers to turquoise paper, using CraftBond™ Glue Dot Runner. Align and attach 8" square pink cardstock piece to lower center of the floral paper.
    2. To create folded ribbon, start at one end of ribbon and fold back and forth into 1/2" folds,  securing with CraftBond™ Glue Spots and trimming with X-ACTO® Designer Series 6" Scissors.  Attach to bottom of  8" square pink cardstock piece using Glue Spots.
    3. Plan placement of photos. Use X-ACTO® Designer Series 9" Paper Trimmer, Circle Cutter and Corner Rounder Punch to trim photos. Use X-ACTO® Designer Series Craft Swivel Knife and 12" x 12" Self-Healing Cutting Mat to cut out book bag. Also use Craft Swivel Knife to cut slit along zipper of bag where journaling note is inserted.
    4. Attach photos using CraftBond™ Foam Mounting Tape, applying double layers for added dimension. Attach flowers to upper right of 8" square piece, sprinkling them down the side.
    5. Glue letters to pink strip using CraftBond™ Quick Dry Glue Dualtip Pen. Attach pink strip to floral paper using Foam Mounting Tape.
    6. Use CraftBond™ Gel Pens to write note to child about going off to school and slip it into slit of book bag. Attach with small piece of Foam Mounting Tape.


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