Foamboard Carousel
Posted Jun 17, 2014 by Elmers
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    Foam Board Carousel

    • Moderate to Hard

    Supplies Needed


    1. Connect Dowel: To attach 7" long dowel to center of clock face, drill hole in one end of dowel. Use screwdriver and wood screw to connect dowel to clock face. (If using wood knob instead of brass knob, use Craft Bond Tacky Glue to attach wood knob to top of dowel. (If using brass knob, wait to attach.)
    2. Prime and Paint Carousel: In a well-ventilated area, protect work area with newspapers and spray wood carousel with primer. Let dry. Then spray with black paint. Set aside and let dry.
    3. Plan and Glue Photos: Plan placement of ten photos, in pairs that will appear on both sides of five photo boards. Apply Craft Bond Glue Stick to backs of one of the photos in each pair. Press them onto Foam Board Sheet, leaving approx. 1" space between photos.
    4. Cut Foam Board: Place Foam Board Sheet on X-ACTO Self-Healing Cutting Mat and use X-ACTO Knife and acrylic ruler to trim excess Foam Board away from photos. Turn over trimmed photo boards and use Glue Stick to attach remaining five photos to other sides.
    5. Assemble Foam Board Carousel: To attach brass knob, due to weight, make more stable by drilling hole in top of dowel, approximately the size of the screw head that fits into the knob. Screw the screw into the knob with faceplate in between. Place dot of Tacky Glue inside dowel hole and push in screw head attached to face plate and knob. Press down until knob and faceplate are tightly against dowel. (Note: There should be 7" space between bottom of face place and base so that photo boards fit.) Let dry.
    6. Attach Photo Boards: Place photo boards against dowel and under metal face place. Evenly space and use pencil to mark position on base. Apply Tacky Glue along bottom edge, left edge and very top left corner of one photo board. Aligning with pencil mark, press left edge of photo board against dowel, slipping top left corner under faceplate. Hold photo board in place for Tacky Glue to adhere and begin to dry. Repeat with other four photo boards around dowel. (Note: Photo boards for photo carousel should be firmly in place. If they are too tight, trim; if too loose, apply extra glue or use very small pieces of folded black paper to wedge into space between face plate and edge of board.)
    7. Add Foam Board Circle: Optional: If center screw in base makes base tilt, raise base from table surface by cutting a 6ö diameter circle of Foam Board with a 1" circle removed from the center and gluing to bottom of base.


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