Lemonade Stand
Posted Mar 08, 2012 by Elmers
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    Lemonade Stand

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    Supplies Needed

    *An Adult should use X-ACTO™ Knife and coping saw.


    Note: This stand is designed to fold for storage and by adding a curtain, could also be used as a puppet theatre!

    1. To make hinged Shelf in Display: Horizontally place Elmer's Tri-fold Foam Board™, down onto cutting mat, with hinged side down. (This means that if you pick it up a little, sides will flop down.) Working in center section only, measure and lightly draw horizontal line 12" from top edge. Also, make vertical lines 2" in from each side of center section (above the 12" line).
    2. Ask an adult to use X-ACTO® #1 Craft Knife (with new blade) and cutting mat to cut vertical lines only. (Hint: Score lightly first and then press more firmly to cut deeper, with several passes of the knife. Replace blades often.)  Then score horizontal line, going ONLY through top layer of paper and foam (but NOT backing paper). (Note: If horizontal line is accidentally cut all the way through, reinforce (hinge) cut edge with transparent tape.) Check to see how shelf will now fold in but support is needed. (Shelf Supports will be made in Step 4, from scrap materials created in Step 3.)
    3. For Sign Header: Horizontally place 20" x 30" Foam Board™ onto cutting mat. Measure and horizontally mark 6" across top (long) edge and vertically 5" from each short edge to make 14" x 20" opening at bottom center of Foam Board™. Ask an adult to use X-ACTO® Knife and cutting mat to cut out opening. (Save 14" x 20" scrap for Shelf Supports.)
      To be able to attach Header, along bottom (long) edge, cut 6" long, 1/4" wide slits, 3" in from each short edge of Foam Board™. Place Display on floor and slide Sign Header over Sides, positioning close to front. Trim slits if necessary to fit.
    4. To make Shelf Supports, ask an adult to cut ten 2" x 3" pieces from scrap Foam Board™. Stack and use Elmer's CraftBond™ Extra Strength Glue Stick to glue together five pieces. Repeat to make a second set. Let dry. On inside of Tri-fold Foam Board™ display, measure 12" down from each top side edge. Before gluing check positioning to be sure supports will allow Shelf to be level. Ask an adult to use glue gun to attach supports below the mark and flush with back edges. (Note that sides will need to be at slight angles in order for the shelf to rest on the supports.) Attach 2" lengths of Velcro® to top surface of Shelf Supports and underneath side of Shelf where they touch Supports. (This will hold Shelf in place when in use but will pull apart for storage.)
    5. In a well-ventilated area, protect work surface with old newspapers. Place Display onto newspapers and fold back shelf, tucking it under display to protect from paint. First, practice spraying on old newspapers, spraying squiggle design and alternating colors. Notice that the closer the can is to the surface, the narrower the lines of spray, the farther back, the wider. Decide the look you want for the Display and spray front and sides of Display. Let dry.
      Flip Shelf back up and cover (mask) front and sides of Display with newspapers, using masking tape if needed to hold papers (but do not attach tape to Display). Spray Shelf with two light coats of Olive Bright. Let dry. Spray Header with Yellow squiggles and let dry.
    6. Use electronic cutting machine to make 5" tall letters, planning which papers to use for each letter to spell: "L E M O N A D E" and cut "25 ¢ " in 3" size. Use Glue Stick to attach letters to Header; set aside "25¢".) (Alternative: Use markers to draw letters on header.)
    7. Ask an adult to use X-ACTO™ Knife and cutting mat to roughly cut 7" square Foam Board™. In a well-ventilated area, spray Foam Board™ with two light coats yellow. Let dry. With pencil and ruler, lightly draw Starburst and ask an adult to cut out. Use Glue Stick to attach   25 ¢ cutouts to Starburst).
    8. Ask an adult to use coping saw to slice off a section from back of lemon to make flat gluing surface. Ask an adult to use glue gun to attach lemon to center of "O" in word on Header. Attach Velcro® to back of Starburst then attach to Header. (Use Velcro® for easy removal when storing.)
    9. Set up lemonade stand secure Shelf by connecting Velcro® areas. To store, simply remove Starburst from Header, remove Header from Display, separate Velcro® on Shelf Supports and fold up Display. Place all into plastic bag, ready for use next time.


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