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    Bridges: An Integrated STEM Teaching Guide

    Engage students with hands-on learning about the types and construction of bridges.
    • 4 - 8

    How do I get my class and myself ready? This lesson plan should give you everything you need to be prepared for the material.

    Lesson Plan Objective(s)

    Students will identify the main types of bridges and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each. 

    Students will identify how each type of bridge is constructed to support weight. 

    Students will read informational text about bridges to understand events, procedures, ideas, or concepts in a historical context. 

    Students will work in teams to solve engineering challenges. 

    Students will design and construct a bridge that will support weight. 

    Background Details

    Bridges have been around since the first tree fell across a stream of water.  Modern day bridges are important civil engineering structures that have evolved over the civilizations before us.  While we sometimes take them for granted, artists, architects, and engineers apply important principles of science and mathematics to reshape our environment and improve transportation.  

    The design and construction of any item requires critical thinking and invaluable problem solving processes.  The activities provided within this guide integrate math, science, art, drafting, problem solving, and engineering to encourage STEM education in real-world application.  

     The entire Bridges guide can be downloaded from the Resources section.  

    How do I present the material? Here is the recommended approach, content and timing for presenting the materials.

    Lesson Instructions

    The entire Bridges Teaching Guide is available for download in the Resources section. 

    Did my students achieve the lesson objective?

    Discussion Questions

    The entire Bridges Teaching Guide is available for download in the Resources section. 

    Lesson Plan Downloads

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    Posted by Samantha G.
    12 Jan 2016

    I want to say that I want to teach children now let me do that

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