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Posted Jan 29, 2012 by Elmers
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    Ice-Cream Cone Decoration

    Make a cool treat that won't melt
    • Easy
    • 30 min
    • 6 - 9

    Supplies Needed


    1. Draw an ice-cream cone on a sheet of white paper with a pencil.
    2. Tape the paper to a flat surface so that it doesn't move when you trace over it.
    3. Lay a piece of wax paper over the drawing. Tape the wax paper to the flat surface so that it doesn't move.
    4. Trace over the drawing using Elmer's 3D Washable Paint Pens™. Color in the spaces with paint. Let the paint dry completely.
    5. Glue a pair of Jiggly Eyes to the ice-cream cone. Let the glue dry completely.
    6. Draw a mouth, nose, and eyebrows on the ice-cream cone with a black marker.
    7. Take the tape off of the wax paper. Hang up your ice cream cone decoration!


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