Posted Aug 15, 2015 by Elmers
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    DIY Chalk Foam Board Frozen Yogurt Bar

    Entertain your guests at your next party with this bright and fun DIY frozen yogurt bar!
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    1. Using the letter stencils and pencil (or free hand it), lightly trace "Frozen Yogurt Bar" on your black chalk foam board.
    2. Carefully go over your pencil marks with chalk or a Painters paint marker and fill in your letters.
    3. Using the X-ACTO knife, cut small shapes out of a second sheet of your foam board to make the topping labels.
    4. Using chalk or a Painters paint market, write the names of your various toppings on the smaller cut-out pieces of foam board. 
    5. Fill your bowls with several different frozen yogurt topping options and place them on a table.
    6. Place your topping labels in front of each bowl.
    7. Prop up your "Frozen Yogurt Bar" sign on the table behind the toppings. 
    8. Place frozen yogurt, spoons, and additional serving bowls on the table and let your guests help themselves to a sweet treat! 
    CREATED BY The Crafting Chicks


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