Posted Jun 09, 2015 by Elmers
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    DIY Rolling Toy Crate

    Take back control of your little one’s toys. Create a custom rolling toy crate, featuring an area for personalization, to bring order into the playroom.
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    Supplies Needed


    1. Cut your boards to length depending on the desired toy crate size.
    2. Cut (4) 2"x2" posts for the corners of your crate.
    3. Dry fit the first row of boards around the 2"x2" posts.  Flip each one down and apply a generous amount of Elmer's Carpenter’s Wood Glue Max where they meet the posts. 
    4. Nail the boards in place.  Use a spacer, such as a carpenters square, between each row until you are 2-3 rows high.
    5. Next, flip the whole box over, measure and cut a plywood bottom.  Glue and nail in place inside the first row of boards. Then, attach (4) caster wheels in the corners. 
    6. Prep for paint by filling all of your nail holes with a paintable wood filler, like Elmer's ProBond Wood Filler. Give your project a light sanding and wipe clean with a tack cloth. 
    7. Now it's time to paint.  I chose to paint the center row metallic silver so it stands out.  If you really want to have some fun, break out the stencils and paint your little one’s name on the side! 
    8. Finish with a great pair of handles from the hardware store.

    Created by Jared Walker Dostie | Licensed contractor and design expert​​


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