Mother's Day Flowers
Posted May 09, 2015 by Elmers
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    Mother's Day Flowers

    Create a beautiful display of flowers for Mother's Day!
    • Moderate
    • 1 hr
    • 6 - 9
    • Holiday, Mother's Day

    Supplies Needed


    • Ask students to write an acrostic poem to accompany their Mother's Day flowers. The first word in each line of poetry should begin with the letters of the word mother. For example: My best friend Outstanding Totally wonderful Huggable Energetic Really kind.
    • Have students identify the different parts of a flower, including the petals, stem, stamen, carpel, and sepal. Encourage students to draw a picture of a flower and label its different parts.
    • Talk with students about the things a flower needs to survive, such as water, food, sunlight, and air. Discuss how plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen—the opposite of how we breathe!
    • Encourage students to write a top-ten list of the reasons why they love their mother or grandmother.


    • Fold a large sheet of green construction paper into thirds lengthwise (trifold). Unfold the sheet of paper.
    • Fold the top edge of the paper to the top fold line. Then, unfold the paper and reverse-fold it.
    • Fold the bottom edge of the paper to the bottom fold line. Then, unfold the paper and reverse-fold it.
    • Fringe cut only the bottom edge of the paper. Make sure you do not cut through the closest fold line.
    • Cover the middle section of the paper with glue. Bring the top fold and the bottom fold together in the center of the glued surface. Let the glue dry completely.
    • Cut out eight flower shapes from different colors of construction paper. Write one letter on each flower shape. Spell the phrase "I love you."
    • Cut out eight 6" x 1" strips of green construction paper. These will be the flowers' stems. Glue each flower to a stem. Let the glue dry completely.
    • Glue the back of each stem to the uncut lip of green construction paper. Carefully bend the fringed edges of the paper forward for an added effect.
    • Give your beautiful Mother's Day flowers as a gift to someone special!


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