Make your own outdoor wood pallet cooler
Posted Apr 17, 2015 by Elmers
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    DIY Outdoor Wood Pallet Cooler

    Upcycle a wood pallet and create a fun and whimsical cooler that will brighten up your patio or deck. These DIY project will make a great addition to your patio furniture with the help of Elmer’s ProBond Advanced.
    • Moderate to Hard

    Supplies Needed


    1. Build frame for cooler with standard 2 x 4 boards. This cooler is built to be countertop height.  
      Cut the 2x4 boards into the following lengths
      (A)   36″ long (cut four for the legs)
      (B)   18″ long (cut four for the sides)
      (C)   32″ long (cut four for the front and back)
      Nail together to form a frame for the cooler with (A) for the legs, (B) for the sides and (C) for the front and back of the frame.
    2. Cut pallet boards and attach across the top of the frame.
    3. Cut out opening for cooler with scroll saw. Using the top of the cooler, trace cut-out in pallet boards.
    4. Remove hinge and insert cooler from the bottom. Nail support boards across bottom to hold up cooler.
    5. Cut pallet boards and attach across the outside of the frame.
    6. Create a frame for the lid. Measure the length and width of the lid and cut 2 x 4's to fit. Nail pallet boards over frame.
    7. Glue frame to the lid of the cooler with ProBond Advanced Glue. Let dry according to directions. 
    8. Attach hinge to the lid and the other side to the base of the cooler.
    9. Add hooks or bottle opener to the front.
    10. Paint stripes, fill with your favorite beverages, and enjoy!
    CREATED BY KariAnne Wood


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