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    Paisley and Polka Dot Pots

    Turn plain clay pots into beautiful works of art even before you add the flowers! Elmer’s Painters® make it easy to create paisley and polka dot pots that give off an expensive designer-look. To get started, follow the instructions below.
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    Supplies Needed

    For large pot:

    • Terra cotta pot, Brown (new color): one 6" diameter (saucer – optional)
    • 1” Mosaic tiles, approx. twenty-one squares: Red, Turquoise, Tangerine, Yellow, Beige and Brown

    For each small pot:

    • Terra cotta pot, Brown (new color): 4" diameter (saucer – optional)
    • 1” Mosaic tiles, approx. fifteen squares: Red, Turquoise, Tangerine, Yellow, Beige and Brown 


    (Tip: To erase a line, immediately use damp cotton swab to carefully wipe off while still wet OR let completely dry and paint over it.)

    1. For a large paisley and polka dot pot, refer to pattern and practice drawing paisley design on copy paper. On large pot, use Brown and Turquoise Elmer's Painters® Markers to draw paisley shapes and solidly fill in. Let dry. Referring to pattern and photo, use Painters® to make lines of dots all around paisley shapes. Also with flowers, leaves and polka dots. Fill in any negative spaces on design with additional brown and turquoise dots. (decide if you want to completely cover the pot, or just paint front) Let dry overnight to completely set. In a well-ventilated, newspaper-covered area, spray with two light coats spray finish. (Note: Spray finish will deepen clay pot color)
    2. For small paisley and polka dot pots, start with a spiral of Turquoise Painters® Marker dots. Use Brown Painters® to make another spiral that fits inside Turquoise one. Repeat, making random spirals all over, both pots. With one pot, add Yellow Painters® Marker polka dots, let dry and dot inside edge with Brown Painters®. In negative spaces on pot, draw Turquoise circles. Fill in some, dot Red Painters® Marker inside others. Repeat with other pot, but use Tangerine Painters® Markers for polka dots. (Red dots optional.)
    3. In a well-ventilated area, newspaper-covered area, spray pots with two light coats of spray finish. Let dry. Set glue gun on high setting. Plan and arrange twenty-one tiles in desired order in front of you. Carefully, apply glue to back of one mosaic tile and attach to rim of large pot. Hold momentarily.  Continue gluing a total of approx. twenty-one tiles, side-by-side around pot. Similarly glue fifteen tiles to each smaller paisley and polka dot pot.

    Consider planting flowers in your new paisley and polka dot pots or filling them with something just as decorative – let us know what you choose to do in the comments below! Once your craft is complete and on display, search for a new project to pursue by visiting Elmer’s Crafters!

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