Spooky Egg-Carton Witch
Posted Oct 22, 2014 by Elmers
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    Spooky Egg-Carton Witch

    Spook your friends with this scary egg-carton craft for kids!
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    • 2 hr
    • 6 - 10
    • Halloween

    Supplies Needed


    Have students write spooky stories about the witches they created. Give students a prompt to help them get started, such as "It was a dark and eerie night, and the witch sat all alone…" Hang students' stories and egg-carton crafts around the classroom.

    Make a witch's brew! Find an easy recipe for a Halloween punch. Allow students to measure all of the ingredients for the punch and help mix it.

    Ask students to write simple poems about their witches. Then, have a poetry reading. Encourage students to read their poems aloud to the rest of the class.


    1. Cut off the lid from the egg carton. Use the bottom section of the egg carton for this project.
    2. Cut off one end of the egg carton so that you have a four-cup square. Use the square for this project.
    3. Paint the egg carton green. Let the paint dry completely.
    4. Use a black marker to color in the bottom of the top two egg cups. They will be the witch's eyes.
    5. Glue black yarn on the sides of the egg carton to create stringy hair. Make bushy eyebrows from the black yarn, and glue them above the eyes.
    6. Use a black marker to draw warts on the raised bumps of the egg carton. The center bump is the witch's nose, and the bottom bump is the witch's chin.
    7. Cut a triangle and an oval from a sheet of black construction paper. Roll the triangle into a cone, and glue it to the top of the oval for a hat. Glue the hat to the top of the egg carton. Let the glue dry completely.
    8. Hang up the egg-carton craft witch to scare your friends!

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