Posted Jul 10, 2016 by Elmers
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    Recycled Tissue Box Farm Animals

    Save your empty tissue boxes for this fun and creative project. Turn your tissue boxes into farm animals! This easy project is fun for kids and can make any day a creative one!
    • Easy to Moderate
    • Every Day, Rainy Day, Earth Day

    Supplies Needed


    1. Begin by cutting pink card stock to wrap around all sides of the box. Use the Elmer’s Naturals School Glue Sticks to secure the paper in place.
    2. Cut little triangle shapes from the card stock, making sure that they have a more rounded point to resemble an ear. Fold the bottom portion of each ear.
    3. Glue both the ears on the top of the box by the folded portion.
    4. Cut a nose from a darker color card stock. Use the Elmer’s Naturals School Glue Sticks to secure the nose and eyes to the front of the pig.
    5. Cut a pink fuzzy stick and curl it. Use the Elmer’s Naturals School Glue Sticks to hold it in place on the back of the pig.
    6. Let the kiddos display their imaginations by using the Elmer’s Painters Squeeze ‘n’ Brush 12 pack to paint on the pig. Let the paint dry completely.
    7. Use the same technique to create more farm animals. Play around with the placement and shape of the ears, nose, and mouth to make the different animals.
    8. What farm animals would your child create with a recycled tissue box?


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