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    Make Tissue Paper Bowls - Paper Mache

    Let your students express themselves with this art project. Elmer’s Glitter Glue, Painters® Paint Markers, and tissue paper are a few of the art supplies needed to get this craft started in your classroom.
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    Supplies Needed


    Learning Activity Topics:

    Art in three-dimensions, paper mache, translucent quality of materials, layering

    Activity Description:

    Students will use paper mache paste to layer tissue paper and other thin papers over a plastic bowl form to create a paper mache bowl.  Using paint markers, children will draw designs and personal symbols on the bowls to decorate.  Glitter can be added as a final touch.

    Educational Foundation (what is the reason behind doing this educational project?): 

    1.  Demonstrate understanding of the techniques to create with paper mache.

    2.  Explore how translucent papers interact when layered.

    3.  Convey personal meaning through designs.

    4.  Develop fine motor skills through the tactile experience of using paper mache.


    1. Put a very thin layer of Vaseline inside the plastic bowl. 
    2. Mix your paper mache powder with water in a bucket.  I let mine sit overnight so the lumps dissolve easily.
    3. Tear up tissue paper into small pieces.  Use a variety of tissue paper to create fun colored bowls.
    4. Dip the tissue paper pieces in the paper mache and smooth to the insides of the plastic bowl.
    5. Keep adding lots of layers of tissue paper.  I added at least 4 or 5 layers of tissue paper.  I also used Kabnet Dry Wax Paper to add thickness.  Notice how some layers show through other pieces.  Choose colors and patterns that go well together.
    6. Allow to dry overnight.  The next morning, gently peel the tissue paper bowl from the plastic bowl.  Some of the pieces may come unstuck as you peel it.  Use more paper mache paste to flatten the pieces down.  If you don’t like how thick the bowl is?  If not, add more pieces of tissue paper with the paste.

    After the tissue paper bowl is completely dry, you can use scissors to trim the edges so they are straight.  Use acrylic paints, paint markers and glitter glue to embellish your bowls.  Come up with personal symbols that are meaningful to you.  What designs are you drawn to?  What themes do you choose to use in your artwork?  What patterns do you like to repeat in your art?

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