Posted May 07, 2014 by Elmers
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    Wine Caddy

    Creative design to display bottle of wine and glasses for two.
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    Supplies Needed


    1. Start out by picking 2 to 3 types of ¾” hardwood that will contrast together. I choose to use Walnut, Hard Maple, and Padauk for this project. Cut into 12” lengths and various widths to give you a total width of 4- ¼” to 4- ½”.
    2. Lay all the pieces out and flip over on sides except the first piece, set aside with clamps. Run a bead of Elmer’s Wood glue down entire length of each strip. I prefer Elmer’s Wood Glue Max. After you run the bead on each piece, spread the glue evenly. Normally I use a small paint brush on glue brush.                          
    3. Place the first piece between clamps and then stand each piece up in starting order against the first piece. Apply minimal clamp pressure, use a flat board across top of assembled pieces to press down to make sure they are all level, then tighten clamps. Let piece set for about 20 minutes and then use a card scraper to scrape off squeeze out. Do not wipe with wet or dry rag because this will force glue into pores of wood and will effect finish. I prefer to leave clamped for about 4 hours but normally I have other projects in process and I will leave clamped overnight. Note: I always use packing tape on bars of clamps and on the flat board used to apply pressure. This will keep your clamps clean and in good working condition.
    4. Remove from clamps and flatten. If you have a planer you can save time and run thru planer or hand plane. If not sand flat.  Once satisfied with flatness layout your pattern. I made this one 11” long and 4 ¼” wide. I laid out a 1 ¼” hole in center and ¾” holes for the wine glass stems. Drill holes and cut out pattern. I used bandsaw to cut out but if you do not have bandsaw a jigsaw will work just fine. When cutting out radius cut just outside layout lines and sand to line.
    5. Once piece is cut out and drilled you need to round over edges. This can be accomplished by using a router or you can use a sander to round over. If you have any imperfections or tear out from router use Elmer’s Probond Wood Filler to fill in, let set up and sand smooth. Decide how you want to finish at this point. I do not use a lot of stain because I love the natural look of grain so I used a mix of 50% Boiled Linseed Oil and 50% Mineral Spirits. Apply liberally and allow to soak in for about 30 minutes then wipe off excess. Can either spray poly to give sheen or leave as is. If spraying poly allow oil to cure for 4 to 5 days before applying.

    Hope this information was helpful and you enjoy making your own Wine Caddy. This a great presentation piece and makes a fantastic gift. Enjoy!!

    Designed By: Thomas Wood Designs


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