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    Book Report Display

    Create a dimensional scene from a book using a convenient Tri-Fold Display Board!
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    1. Read book, making notes of characters and their relationships to main character. Make a list of the book’s themes. Write book report. Make adjustments to amount of content as needed, changing quantity, reprinting in different sizes or customizing the information for space available and the teacher’s assignment.
    2. If desired, use glue gun to attach the paperback book to top left panel of Elmer's® Guideline Tri-Fold Foam Display Board. (Or use a color photocopy of the book, attached to piece of lightweight cardboard and cut to fit. Then attach with several layers of CraftBond™ Foam Mounting Tape for added dimension.)
    3. Print “Characters” list on light blue copy paper. If information needs more than one sheet, after printing, trim and piece together for additional length. Use X-ACTO® Rotary Paper Trimmer to cut Blue cardstock 1/2" larger than printed copy paper (piecing if necessary) and use CraftBond™ Dot Runner to attach to left panel. Note: Use guidelines on display board to assist in aligning content.
    4. Similarly write, print on light green copy paper, mount on green cardstock and attach book report to right panel of board. Decorate panel edges with Project Popperz™ Repositionable Borders, attaching with CraftBond™ All Purpose Glue Stick for permanence.
    5. For additional information, such as "Themes", similarly print on your choice paper and mount. Set aside to later place on table at base of display.
    6. To make girl's head, draw 12" diameter circle with ears on Tan Foam Board.  To make hand pattern, use pencil to trace your hand onto copy paper. Then draw just outside of lines to smooth shape, more like a glove. Cut out pattern and trace onto tan Foam Board. Ask an adult to use X-ACTO® Craft Knife on Self Healing Cutting Mat to cut out shapes. Use Black Painters® Paint Marker to draw hand creases and Violet Painters® to draw fingernails.
    7. For hair, decide length for hair and use X-ACTO® 8" Scissors to cut enough yarn lengths for desired diameter of ponytail. Gather together and place ponytail band about 5" from one end. Spread Elmer’s® Glue-All® Multi-Purpose Glue across top 1" of forehead. With the banded area of ponytail 1" beyond head, for bangs, fan out short lengths and press into glue. Let dry and trim bangs to about 3". (Note: Bangs can hang freely.)
    8. Temporarily determine blanket placement and use Black Painters® to draw face, with eyes looking up. Draw eyebrows high and add curved lines on outsides of eyes to make expression sad.  To make pillow, lightly fill open end of pillowcase with fiberfill. Fold excess length of pillowcase bottom, to back.
    9. To assemble, on worktable, place pillow on top center of Tri-fold Display Board. Prop head to look like character is lying on pillow. Drape blanket across center panel of Display Board, covering bottom part of face, but allowing blanket to ripple – don’t pull it tightly. Use glue gun to tack everything in place. Glue hand to pillow and blanket.
    10. On lined paper, use gel pens to write letters to and from Mom, similar to style of book. Crumple some papers to show frustration. In front of the Display Board, add additional accessories that are relevant to the story.

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