Posted May 20, 2014 by Elmers
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    Popperz® Holographic Border Boxes

    Kids can decorate their storage boxes with flashy holographic Project Popperz® Borders – perfect for storing school notebooks, magazines, clipboards and papers.
    • Easy

    Supplies Needed


    1. Plan colors and angles of Project Popperz® Repositionable Borders on tall, narrow ends of boxes. Examples: one box red and silver (vertical); one box blue and silver (diagonal); and one box red, blue and silver (horizontal). Since borders are repositionable, place pieces onto file boxes to help in planning. Note that decorative edges should overlap to completely cover boxes and create nice designs. For vertical patterns, borders can be placed end to end. Decide if border edges should slightly wrap around edge of box or be trimmed flush with box edges, using X-ACTO® Designer Series 6" Precision Tip Scissors. Note that diagonal borders will have an irregular edge when wrapped around box edges, creating an interesting pattern – or the ends can be cut, flush with box edges.
    2. After the patterns have been decided, for permanence, apply CraftBond™ All Purpose Glue Stick, to backs of borders, one at a time, working on old newspaper to catch excess glue. Always place border down onto clean area of newspaper. Tip: Lightly wipe glue stick from straight edge of border out toward decorative (die-cut) edge so that glue doesn't catch along edges and in openings as easily. However, because the borders are holographic, glue can be wiped away using wipes or damp cloths.
    3. If desired, cover entire box or use Project Popperz® Borders to decorate matching notebooks, clipboards and desk accessories.

    DESIGNED BY: Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.


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