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Posted Jan 06, 2012 by Elmers
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    Craft-Stick Picture Frame

    Create a colorful picture frame craft from craft sticks!
    • Easy
    • 1 hr
    • 5 - 12

    Supplies Needed


    1. Glue four craft sticks together to form a square.
    2. Repeat step one to make a second square.
    3. Let the glue dry completely.
    4. Paint both squares. Let the paint dry completely.
    5. Decorate the squares using Elmer's 3D Washable Paint Pens™. Glue on buttons and beads. Let the paint and the glue dry completely.
    6. Glue the two squares together back to back.
    7. Measure your favorite photograph or picture with a ruler. Then, measure the picture frame. Use a pair of scissors to trim the photograph to fit inside of the picture frame.
    8. Insert the photograph or picture, stand back, and admire your craft-stick picture frame!


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