Wood Fillers

Wood Filler

With a complete range of formulas for interior and exterior use, our high-performance wood fillers won't shrink or crack, so your projects get the flawless finish they deserve. We even offer a color change formula. It lets you know when it's ready!

Elmer’s is the #1 wood filler brand, with a complete range of forumlas for interior and exterior use.

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Indoors or Out:

Whether you need a smooth, trouble-free solution for an interior project or weather-resistant durability for an exterior application, Elmer's has you covered.

Use the images at right to find the formulas best suited to your needs.

Natural Shades:

If you're looking for wood filler that will blend in with the color of the piece, look no further than Elmer's. We offer fillers that are tinted to match many popular wood finishes — and our exterior fillers contain real wood fibers to take stain beautifully.

Select from the colors best suited to your needs.

Top Selling Wood Filler Products:

  • Pro Tip:

    Elmer's wood fillers contain special polymers that make them easy to sand and eliminates shrinkage.

  • Carpenter's(R) Interior Wood Filler

    Carpenter's® Interior Wood Filler

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  • Carpenter's® Stainable Interior/Exterior Wood Filler

    Carpenter's® Stainable Interior/Exterior Wood Filler

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  • Wood Filler Max

    Wood Filler Max

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  • ProBond® Wood Filler

    ProBond® Wood Filler

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Other Elmer's Wood Working Products:

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